Hey there MABsters!  I hope everyone made it through the weekend.  We certainly did.  Unlike our last trip to Traverse City, we actually made it back home with a working vehicle this time.  Whew!  Again, Union Street Station was a success.   The people of Traverse City love music and having a good time.  We’re starting to see more familiar faces and continue to turn new people on to MAB.

Dace had to “white knuckle it”, driving the van through what Hoosiers refer to as oh no it’s slippery out, maybe we shouldn’t drive and what Michiganders refer to as just another day of driving road conditions Friday night, but we made it there safely, set up, and did our thing.  The next day we pulled out all the stops.  We got a good night’s sleep, got up, got coffee, and headed to the bar to set up the lights for the evening throw-down.  We had to make a quick stop at the Mall; Spencer’s Gifts is the only place in town that has fog juice.  Note: If you go to any bigger city that gets a significant amount of snow in the winter, you’d better believe that there are a lot of places that have amazing indoor facilities and everything looks like a mall.

Anyway, the Saturday night show was even better than Friday night.  The dance floor was full of bodies, sweating to smooth sounds of MAB for the majority of the evening.  Let me tell you, snow does not stop Michiganders from going out.  They love that shit! At the End of the night I was talking to some of the locals out in front of the bar when a snowball fight broke out! It was awesome!  Imagine downtown Bloomington, IN (or Cute Little Town, USA) with people on both sides of the street at 3:30 in the morning chucking snowballs at each other.  Just Awesome! I truly love the people of Traverse City.

On another note, this Friday MAB gets to return to Speedway High School for a little Convocation Rock Show!  It’ll be a lot of fun.  We’re going to do a little talking and a little jamming; we want to focus our message on how each and every one them has something good to offer this world and not to give up on reaching their goals.  We’ll see how my motivational skills are… it’s been a minute.  Wish us luck!

Saturday night we return to the Verve in Terre Haute, IN.  Always a blast in the Haute!

Next week at the Mousetrap we’ll be performing with very special guest Mikial Robertson!  This will be a good night not to miss.  Surely Mikial will sit in with MAB…

Last but not least.  We finally have a date booked for our CD RELEASE party!

May 18th at Radio Radio!  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more info.

Stay Classy,