I know it’s been far too long since one of these has been written to you, but I promise things are going to change.  Not just with emails and blogs, but MAB’s world is starting to take shape right before my eyes.  We have been getting some great press on the album and currently our new album, ETYW, is number 12 on the JamBand Radio charts!  Look!

Our live show is tighter than ever.  Shaan and Dace have been singing a lot more backup, great set lists, I’ve lost 65 lbs since the beginning of the year and am in the best shape of my life (it helps with doing hour and a half sets).  Things around here are shaping up.  We all are really just excited to play the next show, set, and song.  I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it’s starting to happen… and I couldn’t be more proud.  Having said that let me give you a quick recap of MAB’s past shows this summer.

Dace and I have been doing some acoustic duo shows on the deck at Plumps Last Shot in Broad Ripple every second Thursday of the month.  I love them.  Vocals are super easy, still jamming MABtunes along with others, and Dace, if you didn’t know, plays upright bass and let me tell you; it’s something to see. Old Juicy Lucy is what he calls it.  We have another one coming up this next Thursday, so pray for clear skies!

MAB played one of the coolest weddings ever… the Breenzalas Wedding (IndyCrew knows what I’m talking about).  I’ll fill you in.  They rented out a gorgeous open air two story stone (Castle) building right on Lake Michigan… I mean literally I had sand in my gear the next day we were so close.  Imagine you’re at a concert where everyone was dressed to kill and ready to see their favorite band to dance to and party all night.  Stage and room lights set the mood just right and if I do say so myself; we tore the roof off the place!  My goodness!  Sweaty bodies that never stopped dancing, flailing arms, hooting and hollering having the times of their lives type crowd fueled MAB to put on a show that I know each and everyone of us will never forget.

When the Dave Matthews Band came to town MAB had the privilege to play at the Sleepy Bear Campground right next to Deer Creek (you know that’s what we all still call it) It was a great opportunity to use the DMB crowd as our own little control group and I must say I think they took to us like a duck in water.  We have some pictures from Phierce Photography up on our web page from that night.  Oh yeah, Boyd Tinsley’s bus stopped by the campground after their show.  I got a chance to give him a CD and one of our new Max Allen Van shirts.  I also got a chance to hug the guy for like 2 minutes!  Hats off to the man; he stood there and hugged every single person.  I felt bad because I was like “Shit, he’s gonna hug me and I just got done with an hour and a half set and I’m drenched with sweat!”  Well, it was ok… he was equally sweaty.

Fast forward into July, MAB headed back to Traverse City, MI and played two nights at the famous Union Street Station located at, you guessed it, Union Street!  The shows went great! When people fill the dance floor no musician should ever complain, and I know we are there to work… and to play music… but I cannot resist my self to the beautiful bay of Traverse when it is warm enough to swim.  We’ve made some great friends up there over the last several years and luckily everyone has a boat and wants to hang on the water any chance they get.  We went to the beach, jumped off the boats and chucked the biz around.  The water is like saline solution.  Eyes open all the time!  Not to mention it’s crystal clear with its sandy bottom. That water purified our bodies.  Hell… even Shaan got in.

Next we celebrated my 29th birthday at my, “home-away-from-home”, The Mousetrap. Remember earlier in this “super long email” when I told you Dace and I were doing some acoustic duo stuff?  Well we put a twist on it and added Shaan to the mix; opening for ourselves as an acoustic trio.  I’m still hearing good things about that show.  It was Daces first appearance at the Mousetrap with ol’ Juicy Lucy.  People had no idea.  It was killer night, not to mention we had the “A Team” in charge of production.  Alex “Herm” Schneider from Herm Productions on lights and Matt Vice from Naptown Sounds on the board really pulled the whole show together.  Both of them are the best in town at what they do, and I mean that!  They are very familiar with MAB’s material and I feel are as entertaining to watch work as I hope we are on stage.  It’s a party in “Light World” and “FOH”.  Totally adds to the show, thanks guys! Anyway, MAB came back with an electric set and pulled off a new cover medley we’ve been working on; Chromeo’s “Tenderoni” along with Daft Punks “Around the World”, “Get Lucky”, and “Robot Rock”.  Herm really liked that one (one hand on the light board the other in the air!).  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

We’ve got Mojo yes we do.  We’ve got Mojo.   How bout you?  IndyMojo’s Mojostock at Sleepy Bear Campground was awesome!  I even had a friend say it was better than my bday party at the Trap.  Hey now! That’s good.  I’m glad to see that even in a week we are better that the week before.  Now that’s progress!  Lot’s of great acts.  Festivals are so much fun for musicians because you get to see all of your musician friends and their bands in the same place.  We don’t get out as much as we used to.  One funny thing I noticed was there was a country show across the street at Deer Creek and there were people going to that show that were staying at the campground.  It’s sort of funny to see guys in cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and belt buckles the size of your face in the same company as a bunch of hippies and ragers. I did several double takes.

Last night we performed 2 shows in Columbus, IN.  First at NeighborFest; basically a big blocked off street party smack dab downtown Columbus.  I think MAB made a lot of new fans that day.  Check out the pictures from Phierce Photography online here and here.  Second, we played about a block and half down the street at our favorite little bar in Columbus…4th St. Bar and Grill.  They treat us well there and we just continued the party from earlier.  I laid down last night with a great sense of accomplishment.  Two shows in a day is not for the light hearted.

Now, I’ve got one more thing to say and I won’t go on any longer.  Tonight Dace and I are performing our acoustic duo at Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield for Music on the Veranda. It’s free, from 7-10, outside, and the whole family can come, because it’s all ages.  I hope to see you all soon and next time hopefully the email won’t be so long.

Much Love,




P.S. MAB is going to be at WARM fest in Broadripple Park on Sunday, Sept 1st